A Brief History Of Coffee
The history of coffee a simple timeline of events? I think not! No, the journey of coffee is SO much more. It’s a swashbuckling adventure spanning a thousand years, filled with death-defying escapes, international intrigue and - oh yes! - torrid romance. From distant, tropical islands to the power centers of international trade, it has been banned, berated, hailed and championed, generating as much fear as enjoyment. This is not just a drink, this is magic, infusing itself into our psyche, stirring conflict and controversy. Read on, friends, and enjoy the bold, robust voyage that is coffee.

Brewing Tips

So far there has been a tremendous amount of work by a multitude lovely people to get you the best coffee bean possible. What’s next? Well, don’t just sit there, it’s time to take some responsibility, take those exquisite beans in hand and brew them!

First Things First
Rules, rules, rules… Remember our goal here is perfection, nothing less. Follow my simple Peaberry Principles and you’ll soar to new coffee heights with exclamations of “that’s an extraordinary cup of coffee!” lifting your wings.

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Surf City Coffee - Surfer's Blend
Ah, my days as a surfer - what extraordinary fun! Here's to those brave rogues always hunting for the big one - and the perfect coffee!  This blend of three single origin beans will have one hanging the proverbial ten at the crack of dawn.  Tangy, floral notes create a complex yet smooth mix for the ultimate wave of satisfaction.

Hudson Valley Coffee Roasters - Monsooned Malabar
When I was in Malabar region of southwest India years ago, traversing the tropical highlands, I heard tale of a coffee processed during monsoon season. How astonishing to find that the relentless rains produce a “a sweet, low acidity, low caffeine, treasure of a coffee.” A confident and distinct brew; one of the best of South Asia.

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