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The Art of Containment: The Man Behind Roberts Container Corporation

If you’ve poured or squeezed something lately, if you’ve sprayed perfume or popped a lid, there’s a good chance you’ve handled a piece of Mitchell Roberts’ multi-million dollar Roberts Container Corporation. An industry leader in the distribution and brokering of cosmetic packaging components, you could say Roberts is the King of Containers. The Viceroy of Vessels. The one and only Ma-JAR-raja. And his enthusiasm for his creations can hardly be contained.

In 1979 Mitchell Roberts had a vision while working as a sales rep selling lipstick cases for his father’s company: to provide containers of all shapes and sizes, for all kinds of matter, from shampoos and lotions to creams and candy. Twenty years later, Roberts is an expert in the art of containment and has a lot of fun doing it. As you enter his Los Angeles headquarters, you get an almost giddy sense of excitement. After passing by the roaring Godzilla motion detector, you cross into a showroom filled with over 10,000 samples of Roberts’ masterwork. Think of a petting zoo filled with bottles, jars, tubes and plastic cases or a candy store of containers where it’s hard to keep your hands off the delicious colors and tantalizing shapes. Look, there’s the container for that Brute 33 deodorant stick I use! And that’s the squeeze tube for my Vidal Sassoon Hair Gel! In the middle of it all, is the laughing, bubbly Mitchell Roberts - a man who defines the concept of loving one’s work. If he could, this enthusiastic 45 year-old would burst from one of his bottles to greet you like Willy Wonka proudly showing off his chocolate factory. Of course, business is business and one must keep their lid on. (continued...)

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The Platinum Collection by Dorothy Schoelen

1996 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dorothy Schoelen’s commitment to fashion. A quarter century of ideas and innovations. A quarter century of distinguished contribution to fashion. With a keen business sense and a mine of creative energy, Schoelen has carefully guided her company into being a respected, successful member of the fashion community. She has been applauded, awarded, and rewarded for her efforts. When you wear Schoelen’s designs, you’ll know why. Attention to detail. An eye for innovation. The trademark feel of alluring fabrics and magnificent textures. There is one thing in the fashion business is certain: Dorothy Schoelen’s continued commitment to creating fine clothing that celebrate a woman’s distinct sensual nature. A commitment that has made platinum and silver more than just precious metals. (continued...)

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