Intro >

Robert Pawloski is an award-winning writer working in the media and entertainment business for over 25 years. As a screenwriter, Robert is hired to write and rewrite screenplays in various stages of development. Since 1996, he has evaluated and edited over 2000 screenplays for studios like New Regency and Polygram Films, as well as established independent producers. In 2003, Robert started RP Story Consulting to provide development notes and consulting for writers, directors and producers at all levels. He has written copy for public relations firms, web retailers like and organizations like the International Literacy Association.

Robert received his degree in Visual Arts, concentrating in film and video, from the University of Maryland in 1992. After working in camera and lighting on film productions, he transitioned to writing on shows for
National Geographic Explorer and the U.S. government.

Robert currently teaches screenwriting, film history and history of animation as adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In addition to private consulting, he continues to work in various aspects of media writing and production.

Screenwriting Credits & Highlights >

Fire & Ice (The Chronicles of Java)
Feature screenplay, story editor. Stmik Amikon, Yogyakarta; Tristan Strange, writer-director, 2013. [in production, 2016]

X: The Human Condition
Feature short screenplay, story editor. Hypnotical Entertainment, Michael Nova, producer, 2010. [DVD release]

Caribbean Secret (Karibisches Geheimnis)
Feature teleplay, story editor. FFP New Media, Heidi Ulmke, producer, 2009. [network broadcast, DVD release]

The Pack
Original feature screenplay, screenwriter.
George Belshaw, producer, 2009. [optioned]

The Bride Stripped Bare
Feature screenplay, screenwriter.
George Belshaw, producer, 2006. [writer-for-hire]

Burning Sands
Feature screenplay, screenwriter. Fries Entertainment,
Chuck Fries, producer, 2004. [writer for hire]

National Geographic Explorer: Lifestyles of the Wet and Muddy
Documentary teleplay, co-writer.
C.J. Malley, producer, 1996. [network broadcast]

Icons & Symbols: Communication Shorthand / Communication: The Human Imperative
Documentary teleplay, co-writer.
C.J. Malley, producer, 1995. [series video release]

Story Editor & Consultant >

Gerd Koechlin, executive producer: feature screenplay analysis, consulting. Munich, GDR. 2007-15.

Tristan Strange, director-producer: feature screenplay story editing, Hong Kong. 2009-15.

FFP New Media, television production: story editor / consultant, television features. Munich, GDR. 2008-09.

Pacifica International, Christine Iso, executive producer: feature acquisitions/ development. Los Angeles, CA. 1999-07.
(projects from Miramax, New Line, Focus, Fine Line, Lion’s Gate, Warner Independent), Angela Bond: screenplay coverage service, story editing. Los Angeles, CA. 2003-08.

RP Story Consulting: proprietor, story development, editing and consulting. Los Angeles, CA. / Baltimore, MD. 2003-present.

Fries Entertainment, Chuck Fries: staff; feature and television development. Los Angeles, CA. 2000-02.

New Regency Productions, Arnon Milchan: staff; feature film development. Los Angeles, CA. 1998-2000.

DEF Pictures, Camille Irons: feature film development. Los Angeles, CA. 1997

PolyGram Films, Karen Danaher-Dorr, Michael Edelstein: staff; television feature development, staff. 1996-98.

Recent Honors >

Winner, Gold Award, 2018 International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination
"Bronze" co-written with Kerri Weston

Winner, Feature Screenplay, Inspirational,
2016 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.
"Bronze" co-written with Kerri Weston

Winner, Best Dramatic Short, 2015 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

Quarter Finalist, Short Screenplay, 2015 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

Finalist, Feature Screenplay, 2014 Sunscreen Screenplay Competition
"Bronze" co-written with Kerri Weston